Company profile

HighLED is a sales organization that, as importer, distributor and wholesaler, is responsible for the broad market launch of high-quality, (patented) and certified lighting solutions. High powered LEDs predominate our market.

Sustainability and energy saving make an important contribution to a more sustainable society and a socially responsible energy policy.

The lighting solutions we offer focus mainly on:

  • Sports complexes
  • Distribution centers
  • Office lighting
  • Energy scans

We can handle your full subsidy application as added value. As a company, you are entitled to Dutch EIA (energy investment deduction), which will reimburse a considerable part of your investment.

Of course we offer full support when it comes to in lighting ​​conversion. We are happy to advise you about our new vision on light. Thanks to years of experience with LED, we are able to follow technical developments closely.

Lighting advice goes beyond just a good lamp